Among the many drama series that aired during the Ramadan season of 2016, “Al Ostoora”, starring Mohammed Ramadan and produced by O3 Productions, ranked number one according to audience reports, and achieved spectacular success and viewership due to the popularity of the main star and to the high production quality delivered by O3. Perhaps one of the key reasons for its success lays in the fact that the Arab and Egyptian public was eager to see a classical popular hero once again - a hero who faces numerous obstacles before overcoming injustice, paying for his mistakes and finding the truth. “Al Ostoora” was able to deliver just that through the character of Nasser El-Dasouki, reprised with a contemporary approach and high-calibre performance by Mohammed Ramadan. The success did not stop there as the series morphed into a social phenomenon, and many young men copied the haircut and beard of Nasser El-Dasouki, turning the astyle into a modern fashion, and images of star Mohammed Ramadan as his character El-Dasouki could also be found printed on articles of clothing. Another striking aspect is that viewers in popular cafés, who watched the show daily on screens placed in the cafés, celebrated loudly when Nasser El-Dasouki was found innocent in the court judgment scene, as if they were interacting with a real court and a real person. “Al Ostoora” was written by Mohammed Abed El Mooti and directed by Mohammed Sami. In addition to star Mohammed Ramadan, the cast included a selection of top Egyptian stars, including the wonderful Ferdos Abdel Hamid, Reugina, May Omar, Nisrine Amin, Hadi Jayar and Yasmine Sabri.