Our unique position in the region provides us with the opportunity to develop premium original content that both works in the Arab world and simultaneously can then be sold and remade globally. We also develop premium TV series rooted in the Arab world while serving global audiences an opportunity to see the region in all its diversity and dramatic context. The Arab world’s complexity and occasional tensions coupled with the Arab world’s rich history of storytelling are perfectly suited to making compelling global content. Our Content development team is tasked with sourcing and developing compelling premium content that can serve local and international markets. We aim to create content and tell stories that will not only provoke thought and start conversations but will also entertain viewers of all ages and demographic groups. We believe our product can cater to the increasingly growing appetite- and market- for local language shows made with originality and a distinctive artistic vision. We are also developing digital strategies to create and deliver content specifically tailored to the growing new media markets across short form, mobile and branded content platforms.