What brings Ziad and Hasan together, and Abdul Aziz and Wessam? How are the four young men going to meet in Dubai? And how are they going to live their dreams? Coincidentally, adventurously? Pre-judgments and rigid convictions? What challenges are they going to face with their families, their friends, their colleagues at work and with themselves? How do they share their experiences and ideas? Is Dubai the alternative city that is going to fulfill their thirst for an easy life or would it reveal their contradictions and fragility in front of this life’s temptations? O4 narrates the stories of four young men from different nationalities who met in the same city and house, and shared the same dream; which have sometimes been converted into a nightmare; but at the end in all its cases, it is a mirror for an Arab generation swaying between the indiscretion of youth and the wisdom of manhood.



Momen Noor • Khaled Najm • Nicolas Mouawad• Mohammed Al-Dowsary


Pan Arab

Number Of Episodes

4 x 20 minutes episodes


Social, Drama

Directed by

Khalid al Rifaie Mahmoud Kamel

Written by

Hisham Hilal