A hot wave blows in the first week of August 2010. It has an impact on the different characters of the series; some of them were amid the hustle of Cairo and others in the northern coast.

The events begin with the first day of the wave when the dead body of a young woman has been found in an elevator in the two towers which will be the place of the crime investigation carried by a moral police officer Syed Acati Arts. It happens that Hamada Ghizlan – a pimp disguised in the mask of a businessman working in tourism and who already has a thick file in the Department of Moral Police, where the latter officer is responsible for and possesses the keys to the villa where the dead body was found. Hamada is always a source of doubt for Acati. The wave does not stop at this event but it extends to the personal life of the officer and his doubt in his wife Shahenda becomes a key issue.

Shahenda is a wife who still lives her aristocratic family’s past and tries to adapt to the reality of the middle class life that her husband belongs to. Undoubtedly, despite her love to him, the wave reveals her regret at getting married to him.

Hamada’s life is not limited to his vice crimes. He is married to two women, the first is Iglal who tried to stay away from her husband’s lowlife world and protect her children Samir and Shirin. She took them to live in Sayeda Zeinab away from his abhorrent atmosphere. But Shirin’s arranged marriage to her husband was a knockdown to her
Successive events are unfolded by the wave. It revealed the secrets of the past and stimulates new conflicts that would affect their present negatively. The wave recedes leaving behind the series heroes completely unarmed in the face of their inevitable fate.



Iyad Nassar,Rania Youssef,Dora Sayed Ragab,Maali Zayed,Khaled Selim,Saba Mubarak,Hala Fakher,Jehan Fadel,Dina Sherbini,Medhat Saleh,Aida Abdul Aziz







Directed by

Mohammed Yasin