Malak Asim Abu Nour, a beautiful girl in her twenties, works as an announcer at a radio station, she is in love with a young lawyer named Aser. Together they are making wedding arrangements. But at the wedding ceremony, we discover that she is getting married to an entirely different man, her colleague at the radio Tariq. Asir, his friend Ali, a police officer and his sister Farida – the university media professor, discover that she has betrayed and lied to him. She presented herself to him as a secretary in an engineering firm and told him that her name is Ishiq.

Malak refuses to hand over her body to her husband Tarek. And after many difficult moments, she tells him that she is pregnant. Her family is forced to demand a virginity test and discovers that she is still virgin. She returns to Asir, and continues betraying him. It is been discovered that Malak and Ishiq are, in fact, twins. Ishiq disappeared from home when she was a child and seduces men by letting them fall in love with her.

We then learn that Malak suffers from a rare psychological disease – ‘parableman’. She embodies the personality of her sister, Ishiq, to avenge men because her father Asim killed Ishiq when she saw her making love with the servant Nahat. In the end. Ishiq kills her father, and the servant’s husband is charged of the murder; until her psychiatrist interferes and reveals the mystery of her murder. She enters a psychiatric clinic in the end, and leaves only after her recovery from parableman. But we discover in the last scene that she fooled everyone and came out with both personalities again.



Mai Izz Aldin,Khaled Slim,Posey,Hazem Samir,Rogina




30 episodes‬‬



Written by

Salah Mohammad Azab‬‬

Directed by

Ibrahim Fakhr‬‬


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