A social romantic drama where each story is addressed in 5 episodes; all based on true stories taken from reality about transparency, honesty, and people seeking love after having seen its beauty and pain.

Social conditions and prevailing traditions interfere with human relationships, and the results change based on the responses of these individuals. Why does society refuse the idea of marriage between a single man and a divorcee? Will two previous lovers help their children to success in their relationship? Is there a second chance for the woman who dumped her lover to chase her dreams? Will the heart welcome an old love?

  • Quintet of ‘You’re still my love”

Cast: Bassam Koussa – Marah Jaber – Mahmoud Nasr – Najla Khamri

  • Quintet of “Rains of September”

Cast: Maxim Khali – Nadine Tahsin Beik – Dana Mardini – Khaled Quaysh – AbdelHadi Sabbagh

  • Quintet of “Thank you for forgetting”

Cast: Carisse Bashar – Bassem Yakhour – Jenny Asper – Mohammed Hodaki – Rouba Halabi

  • Quintet of “Like the Moon”

Cast: Sulafa Meemar – Qais Sheikh Najib – Dima Joundi – Rafi Wehbe




Number of episodes




Written by

Reem Hanna – Najib Nasir – Eyad Abou Chamat – Mahmoud Hamada – Rafi Wehbe

Directed by

Hattem Ali – Samer Berkawi – Layth Hejjo – Almouthanna Soubah