A short and comic series about a number of unconnected situations between a number of characters. Each episode lasts for ten minutes. The episodes discuss some situations and marital problems in a fast paced simple comedy rhythm where the two main characters in the series are a newly married couple, and each of them is influenced by his/her  family and environment. The situations reflect in a simple way what happens between any couple day by day.

Ahmed and Mona love each other, but the life pressures and each of the two families’ interference in their lives affect their relationship. However, respect always binds them. Most of the time they appear individually but in some situations some member of one family and/or the other family; or a friend or relative appears. The point of all this is building up a strong sense of family.



Angie Mukhadem • Ahmed Falwkas



Number of episodes

60 x 10 minute episodes



Directed by

Amr Koura