Al-Khanka is a social drama that reflects on the problems women face in eastern societies, especially when women try to act freely thinking that their “free lifestyle” is their own business, away from the prevailing customs and habits.

Amira, a fitness trainer, in her mid-thirties, divorced, and living alone, is accused of assaulting a young wealthy man from the school who tried to molest her. She suffers badly from both incidents, and does not hesitate to go to the police, which may be regarded as the insolence of the woman not giving up her rights.

Amira finds herself in jail and is obliged to play the role of a crazy woman, according to the advice of the lawyer, until proven innocent; her psychiatrist falls in love with her while she faces a difficult life in prison, which includes a variety of women. The young assaulted man who imprisoned her dies, and his family seeks revenge.

Will she be able to prove her innocence? Will she be able to persuade her surroundings that she is a normal person? Or are the rules and restrictions of the society too strong and rigid to be broken?



Ghada Abdel Razek , Majed Masri



Written by

Mahmoud Dasouki



Directed by

Mohammed Jomaa