The doors of the Hara are opened for season 8; the ancient alleys and Damascene houses embrace the stories of their people, their joys and sorrows, conspiracies of their beautiful ladies revolving around the fountain and under the jasmine, and becoming ever more severe when serving their men and outside the Hara’s walls that became a fertile ground for extremism and issues that affect the culture, customs and habits. A conflict takes place between Zahdi, coming from a new neighborhood, and Abou Issam and Abou Zafer representing wisdom; due to this conflict, the women give up on their petty concerns to help their men with their bigger issues.



Abbas Nouri , Sabah El Jazaeri , Mostafa Khani , Milad Youssef, Abdel Hadi Sabbagh , Chakran Mourtaja , Layla Samour, Haytham Jaber



Directed by

Bassam El-Malla