After the return of Abou Issam in the sixth season, Nems, played in the series by Moustafa Khani, returns to the neighborhood to conduct several activities: selling licorice, do the charlatan, and many others.

New characters are introduced in the seventh season, including Doctor Moussa, played by Jihad Saad.

Moussa is the head of a Jewish family – his daughter, Sarah, (played by Kinda Hanna), and his wife, Hannah, (Amana Wali), Nassim (Yamen Hajli), and Hilal (Shadi Zeidan).

We first encounter the family when Moutaz escapes from the occupied France, and retreats to a Jewish neighborhood – specifically to the house of Dr. Moussa – where falls in love with Sarah. Their love story leads to several dramatic events.

As for Abou Issam (Abbas Nouri), his wife Nadia (Maysoun Abou Assaad) dies in the early episodes and is buried in her own country.

Abou Issam falls victim to many issues, mainly at the hands of people from his neighborhood when they discover that his wife was a French spy.

Another surprise is the marriage of Abou l Nar (Ali Karim) to Feryal (Wafaa Mousalli). This is Feryal’s third marriage in the series, but he divorces her within days for refusing to bring back her daughter Lotfiye (Layla Atrash) from her husband’s house, Issam (Milad Youssef), because of his father’s marriage to a French spy.



Ayman Zeidan, Abbas Nouri, Sabah Jazaeri, Milad Youssef, Layla Atrach, Shadi Zeidan, Moustafa Khani




Fictional drama (Seven seasons)


30 broadcast hours


Osman Juha,Sulaiman Abdul Aziz,Marwan Qaouk

Directed by

Bassam Malla