Between the Past and Love is a series that tells the story of Leila, a beautiful British girl of Kuwaiti origin, who lived with her mother in London after her father died when she was a newborn. When death steals her mother, Leila decides to return to Kuwait in attempt to discover her roots. However, faith is there to surprise her as she would discover that her father is still alive, and he is one of the three brothers of Almasi family which is one of the richest families in Kuwait. The three brothers – Khaled, Badr and Soltan – own a hotel chain in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Jeddah. Khaled is living in Kuwait, Soltan is living in Abu Dhabi and Badr is living in Jeddah. Leila discovers that her father might be behind the death of her mother, Salwa. Therefore, she decides to stay in Kuwait and immerse herself within the center of this family to learn who her real father is, and to achieve justice by reporting the killer of her family. Faith tries to play with Leila again when she fell in love with Walid Almasi who might be her brother or her cousin. Excitement and thrills – covered by a great romance.

The question is: what will Leila choose, love or the past?



Shahd Al Yassine,Hamad Al Omani,Malak,Abdul Imam Abdallah,Hind Abbas,Maram






85 hours / One hour episodes

Directed by

Aref Tawil