The story in general is about the influence of power and money on life. These two are the key elements in the course of the evolution of life where they appear as pressure factors with their cruelty and coarseness minimizing human choices to the lowest levels. One seems trapped between the moral values on one hand and the requirements of the righteous life on the other. Money is the lifeblood in this world. If people won’t seek money, money will seek them and threaten their destiny and dreams and will even disturb their livelihood to make these destinies and dreams subject to materiality and influence in a way that allows desperation to seep into souls, which have nothing more to do than resist as much as possible. The story delves into our modern world where money has become the backbone of life. Even the noble value of love is threatened by the power of money. Can money threaten it directly? This question is the focus of the series. The story is so simple that it is so cruel.



Tim Hassan,Nadine Nasib Najim,Joseph Khal


Pan Arab

Number of episodes




Directed by

Samer Barqawi</p