Cup of Blood, a heroic Bedouin work within a historical frame, discloses the truth of Bedouins: their philosophy, beliefs, myths and habits, the relationships between them, the Orientalists who lived with them and their roles in the social and political life of the 19th century. The series takes into consideration the extent of the places where events took place: the Arabian peninsula, Yemen, Badia Sham, Badia Hammad and the Euphrates region.

At the beginning of the 19th century, when Ottomans were controlling Arab countries, the Sheikh of the Mayouf tribe makes a vow to sacrifice a male for God if He provided the tribe, mainly formed of women, with a thousand males. Upon the birth of the thousandth male, the Mayouf tribe fulfills the oath according to the manner suggested by Najoud, the daughter of Shaalan Mayouf (the wizard of the tribe). The leader of the tribe, Baniyya Mohazzem, suggests that the tribe leaves its rugged mountain location towards the plains. Both Sheikh Salman and Shaalan accept the suggestion of Baniyya to send the men of Nouri Hazaa to collect the dues from the Mayouf tribe, and after a final battle, the Mayouf tribe wins against Nouri Hazaa and takes its place in the leadership of the Badia.

After settlement of the dispute, both brothers Salman and Shaalan are driven into a disagreement leading to a conflict between them and a division of the tribe. The story is also about a great love between Nouri Hazaa and Alia Mayouf, their love will have the greatest impact compared to other love stories especially that they ended up getting married, but the marriage did not relieve the impact of the war between the two tribes.



Jamal Sleiman,Maysaa Loghrabi,Kassi Khawli,Abel Mohsen,el-Nemr




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