With a group of heroes each having his own story, and wherever we think love stories will end, new and more beautiful stories begin. Any great failure that we may experience today may, one day, become an outstanding work of success. Tarek, a dentist, is married to a foreign lady who leaves on a whim and travels with his two daughters. Leaving him depressed, he becomes withdrawn from women for a long time until he meets Nada, the owner of a women hairdressing shop, who is also in shock after her husband cheated on her with her best friend and later married her.

May, is studying abroad and accompanied with her lover Ali, a man from a different religion. May is the daughter of a socially respected family. May and Ali decide to get married abroad, but fate betrayed and he was killed instantly in an accident. May discovers that she is pregnant. She becomes very worried and is frightened of telling her mother. On the plane, May meets Talal, a dentist who is travelling to deliver the painful news that he has cancer and will live only for one and a half more years if he decides to remain untreated. On her wedding day, and while occupied going to pick up something in her car, May ran over a women and her two girls as they were crossing the road. Following this accident, she was frightened and riven with guilt. On the spot, she decided to cancel the wedding ceremony and get divorced from Machaal who loved her. Following this, May decides to pursue Badr – the woman’s husband – in an attempt to cover her guilt.

Saoud Al Majmi, shareholder and owner in the building in which the dentists (who are his friends) work, is feeling lost after his wife died in painful accident following a fight that he caused. Saoud has one son who moved to live with him with his elderly father. Saoud starts to like Noura who is married to Nasser, an alcoholic who gives up his job and hurts his wife and children. He decides to help her solve her problems.

From the previous tales, the viewer will discover problems which take us by surprise, and that all we have to do is allow calmness to take us, and let them pass by in peace. We should also believe that the solution is in our hands, we should be optimistic and walk the path of resolution.



Ilham Fadala,Abdel Mohsen Al Nemr,Khaled Beriki,Shojoon,Heba Dori,Yaacoub Abdallah,Fatima Safi,Bashar Al Shati,Issa Diab,Asmahan Toufik,Latifa Al Mejren,Faissal Sefr





Directed by

Mohamad Kafas and Hussein Holeibi