The life of these five daughters is not easy after their mother’s death and the marriage of their father to a woman who gave birth to the son he always dreamed of.

Despite her failure in her relationship with Karim, Fatima, the eldest daughter, battles life by all means to secure her sisters, and succeeds in accomplishing her dreams. She is both the father and the mother of her sisters, each with an independent personality and dreams to accomplish. Hoda, who is one year younger than Fatima, is characterized with beauty but filled with selfishness and arrogance, her ambition makes of her a reporter in one of the TV channels, while Noor, the twin of Hoda, takes some responsibilities with Fatima, and succeeds in her PhD degree despite all difficulties she encounters with her husband. Walaa, the fourth sister, enjoys a sense of art and succeeds thanks to the crucial decisions in overcoming her difficulties, and finally Shaza is the fifth daughter who was raised by her eldest sisters after the mother died when giving birth to her.

In the absence of the father, some people try to take advantage of their situation, and even after the return of the father who could not bear the control of his second wife, the problems never end, on the contrary, more problems emerge within the house, and mistakes of the past begin to hunt down each one. But insisting on overcoming all problems opens new doors despite the price that could be heavy at times.




Written by

Mostafa Mouharram