The series of events begin with an invitation sent to the five friends; Rafat Hagras, Nour Tawfiq, Tarek Yehia, Medhat Mahfouz and Amira Hashmat. The invitation raised the expectation of all who has received it, and it gathers the five friends after three years of separation, where its seems that something important has happened that made them uninterested in seeing each other. The meeting took place at the wedding anniversary of Rafat Hagras and Amira Hashmat where we discover that they have not invited Medhat, Nour and Tarek, and it is a sixth friend, Nihal Samaha, who invited them. Nihal is still alive and has not died as they all thought, which led to problems within the whole group. It has been disclosed that many secrets have been hidden by Nihal. All friends erupt against Amira, Rafaat’s wife, because she was the only one who knows that Nihal is still alive and intentionally concealed that secret.

From this point, the developments are flash-back events, to enable us to get to know the story of six friends and the reason for this hostility among them …



Menna Shalabi,Omar Yousef,Mohammed Shaheen,Zafer Abdeen,Kinda Alloush,Rania Youssef




30 episodes



Directed by

Khaled Marei