In girls’ dorms in Kuwait, seven female students live a life full of excitement, adventure and happy and sad surprises. They have lived an unforgettable semester, but were they able to achieve the goals their parents sent them to achieve, or are they just content with achieving their general goal in life – which is a house and stability, or did they fail in achieving both goals? This series tells the story of these girls differently. It presents the story of each girl in an interconnecting way. Each girl lives a love story and faces a cause while pursuing her studies. Some of them succeeded, while others failed, others saw disaster befall them. However, this work addresses deeper subjects. First of all, you imagine what girls may face when they are sent to universities to study. We also notice beautiful aspects addressed by this work – such as solidarity between girls. They have one heart when they face problems. It is a wonderful trip to a different world that no one knows other students themselves.



Lamia Tarek,Maryiam Hussein,Noura Omairi,Nour Mohamad,Yasmine Jilani,Abdullah Bahman,Khaled Bou Sakhr,Saoud Al Khalaf,Fakhrieh Khamis,Fahd Bassem






30 one-hour episodes

Directed by

Sami Al Alami