It is a connected series of individual drama stories; where each episode is an independent tale that tackles a particular subject. At the same time, the drama escalates from episode to episode in a connected way, while each of the 30 episodes is a single year dramatic story.

The storyline revolves around a group of girls who are friends since school days, namely; Ahlam, Camellia, Mariam and Salama. The series starts with them being unmarried, and then it monitors the evolution of the four girls’ lives focusing on the small details to highlight the generation’s emotional problems, dreams, relationship with their parents, friendships, etc. through a new realistic and courageous vision.
It has been considered to portray diversified characters; as the four girls are different from each other. Also the topics are new and perhaps have never been consumed before. It honestly expresses what is deep inside the girls of Egypt today.

In order not to be a purely female series, creating male characters has been taken into account so as to reflect the opinion of the other side. Therefore, the series all in all monitors the dreams, thoughts, and feelings of the young men and women of the whole generation; focusing on the relationship between men and women; and highlighting the most important problems surrounding these relations. It displays both points of view of the young men and young women; with an analysis of these problems and possibly proposing some solutions.

All this is presented in a framework of realism and dramatic diversity within comedy, melodrama and social frameworks. The series has also taken into account a use of language and dialogue that is really close to reality to win credibility in the eyes of the viewer.



Saba Mubarak,Dina Sherbini,Horeya Farghaly,Ragaa Giddawi,Maha Abu Ouf,Reham Ayman





Number of Episodes

30 x 1 hour

Directed by

Hussain Shaukat