A modern romantic drama that sheds light on the space between love and desire… Love is to give

anything without limits, represented in this work by the main character Mayyar, and love is based on pure

affection allowing complete forgiveness…

Desire is to take without limits, represented by the main character Maysa, who is controlled by her

tendency to lie and by her love for money. This is the main idea behind our series.

The storyline is about our main character, Mayyar, who experienced a traumatizing love story at a young


After a number of years spent abroad for education, Mayyar found himself obliged to come back following

the death of his father to assume his responsibilities as the only heir to a big fortune consisting of olive

groves and olive presses in addition to a big house and a morbid loneliness…

Destiny plays its role on that night when, through the will of Mayyar’s father, he finds an orphan girl – Yara

Haddad – who was under the tutorship of Mr. Talal. The latter entrusted Mayyar to give the girl a large

amount of money. On that day, he made sure he was elegant and went to meet her after agreeing to

deliver the money in order for the soul of the father to rest in peace. But destiny decided otherwise and

made Mayyar fall in love with her to push him to cancel his travel plans and stay in the country.



Pan Arab