Hanaya and Ghaith tells the a story of a lover and a beloved, with a strange beginning and a bitter end; a love before its birth and towards the end of its birth. Moubarak leaves his ‘Jadou el Chahi’ tribe seeking water in the desert after milk failed and the crops dried up, and no other path in the desert could revive him with water. In the middle of the desert, amidst the sand, Moubarak finds a child in the arms of a woman who died after being bitten by a snake, leaving the child alone in the desert, a desert that was not big enough to hold his tears and his story. Moubarak takes the child, who continues holding his mother’s scarf, and returns to his wife, Washima, with who he has no children. The couple are overjoyed, and once the child arrived in Arab Jadou, the wind started blowing the sand and the sky delivered the people heavy rains to celebrate them. Moukarak named the child Ghaith, and just like the baby brought good fortune to the tribe, he brought good fortune to Washima who fell pregnant one month after his arrival. Washima gives birth to a beautiful girl whose uncle, Azouf, names her Hanaya. Ghaith, by now three years old, was already close to the baby girl before her birth. Worried about a possible relationship between Ghaith and Hanaya, the mother decides to send Ghaith with Azouf to the desert once the girl reaches ten years of age. Here he could live with several questions to ask and to search for himself. On the day of his departure, Hanaya was very sad, and asked her mother to mark her feet with a birthmark similar to hers so that Ghaith could recognize her the day he returns. After insisting for so long, Hanaya gets her birthmark. In the desert, Azzouf and Ghaith meet the son of the Chief Justice, Sheikh Jaber, who accidentally killed his friend, the son of Sheikh Rimah Assal. As the story unfolds, Ghaith discovers the truth about himself and his parents; he was the son of Rafou, the brother of Sheikh Jaber, and his uncles on his mother’s side were the Arab of Qassim. As Ghaith and Hanaya grow up, Azzouf offers Ghaith land, but land where life is dangerous, especially with widespread thieves mainly of the group of Saib and Rumaih El-Deeb. Ten years later, Ghaith goes back searching for Hanaya with his uncle Azzouf and his friend Jabour. He finds her grown up, still waiting for him to come back. And just like before, they fall in love again with each other and decide to get married and are determined toface Moubarak who has became the richest and most popular trader in the desert. The return of Ghaith drives Inad – the son of the warrior Hazaa who died when rescuing Moubarak and Washima in the past – mad, and the wife of Hazaa, Wasayef, decides to revenge her husband’s death. Inad and his mother start with their plots and conspiracies against Ghaith, showing him friendship to his face yet spitting venom behind his back. What increases the scourge is the thieves’ growth, increasing in power day after day to the extent that they invade the Arab of el-Jazi, the origin of Azzouf, and kill its Sheikh. With the help of Azzouf, Ghaith and Hanaya get married despite Moubarak’s disapproval. After the invasion of Arab of El-Jazi, Ghaith starts a movement by gathering all Arabs and fighting against whoever dares consider taking the freedom of anyone, or the decency of any woman.



Mondher Rayahneh,Luna Bishara,Abeer Issa,Juliet Awad,Amal Dabbas




30 TV hours‬


Bedouin Social

Directed by

Hossam Hijjawi