The interesting events of the series take place in the neighborhood of Al Sheikh in old Jeddah towards

the end of the Ottoman era (1876-1918) and gather more than 60 actors in its many leading roles.

Story Introduction

It is a popular story about two brothers growing up together. It tells the story of growing up in their

neighborhood through several engaging dramatic threads that are intertwined in a very attractive way.

Ismail followed the wrong route and chose to follow a group of thugs while Radwan, the adopted brother,

chose a road of hard work and devoutness as raised by the blind elderly man. The first brother got

involved in violence, plots, deceit and coercion to become a leader; one that practiced tyranny and

injustice against the people of his neighborhood until he gets killed in the end while facing the aggressive

Kashawinah group. He only got support from his brother Radwan – despite their continuous struggle

about goodness and justice. Eventually, Radwan became the leader. Although troubles, struggles and

control in Al Sheikh neighborhood appear to be the main focus of the series, it was the motive to personal

struggles in the neighborhood within social, romantic and livelihood drama lines. This mixture of various

and overlapping stories is what creates the drama in the series and stimulates an emotional response

among viewers.