Yusra, Rahma, Eman, and Walaa are a group of friends working at several houses in a luxurious compound whose residents are the very elite of society. The series events begin with the killing of one of a cook at one of the houses – this creates great media coverage, and it becomes a big news story. From the start of the investigations, we know the truth of the cook’s involvement in many suspicious operations, and we know of his relationship with the four girls and some of the compound’s residents. Despite the death of the cook, he is still implicating the girls in several suspicious events. Between approval and rejection, they have no way but to carry out what he instructs. Through this they earn so much money that they can support themselves and no longer need to work as maids and assistants. Yet they are forced to resume their work as maids in order to avoid suspicion. But their wealth does not last long, and each of them has lost hers in one way or another. In the end, they know who the real killer of the cook is but, understanding the reason for the murder, decide to keep the secret, and instead develop a fool-proof plan to implicate some other people in the case.



Ayten Amer,Hana Shiha,Nasrin Omi,Magdy,Rosie Liz,Karim Kassem




60 x 1 hour episodes ‬



Written by

Ahmed Shawki

Directed by

Karim al-Adl