‘I Swore To My Life’ is a romantic series dealing deeply with divorce issues and studies this phenomenon deeply through the story of Salwa, a woman who gets Suleiman, her old love, back after he left her and broke her heart when she was just a teenage girl. Suleiman goes back to ask Salwa to be friends after his wife dies and his girl becomes an orphan. Then, he asks Salwa to marry him after all these years to make up for what they have missed. However, Salwa is confused.

Will she agree to marry him after all these years? Now that she is a grandmother? Or will she refuse? She feels the responsibility. She is not only responsible of her two daughters and her grandson, she is also responsible for her nieces who became orphans and need her now. It is up to Salwa to make the decision. What is her ultimate dream after all these years? Is it life and marriage to the man she always loved, and that she missed in her life? Or will she sacrifice her life to others?



Huda Hussein,Ibrahim Al Harbi,Elham Fadala,Malak,Mashari Balam,Fatima Saifi,Adbul,Saoud Al Khalaf,Fakhrieh Khamis,Mashaal Al Jaser,Mohamad Manih,Fahd Bassem,Fouad Ali






30 one-hour episodes

Directed by

Mounir Zoabi