The series is taken from Noor Abdul Majid’s novel of the same name, and it aims to teach us something about the sanctity of marital life. After Amina (Marim Hassan) thought she had got rid of her father’s injustice, she found herself going through the same story and even with the same people, where Selim (Iyad Nassar) – her husband – marries Lubna (Mayar Ghayti) the daughter of the woman who married the father of Amina. So she finds herself facing the same nightmare. What is even worse is that she has to face it with the same enemies.

Selim marries again the young lady Lubna, in spite of his intense love for his wife, after he has lost all hope of her giving him a boy to bear his name. Under severe pressure from his mother, Selim carries out this move, one that will lead to the destruction of his career and his social life. Having always been, in the eyes of people, a fair judge applying fair justice, he turned out to be, again in their eyes, a cruelly unjust person.

After Amina’s decision to avenge her husband, Selim’s marriage becomes a subject of great public interest, although it has already been established, scientifically, that it is the man who is responsible for the gene determining the child’s sex. But since the ‘enemy of your enemy is your friend’, both parties’ enemies take advantage of the change to settle their accounts through the couple’s differences. How will this contribute to fueling the conflict? What is the fate of Amina and Selim? Are they going to get back with each other again?



Iyad Nassar,Suheir Morshedi,Ahmad Abdulaziz,Zafer Abdeen,Dina Fouad,Bushra




60 episodes‬‬



Written by

Noor Abdul Majid‬‬

Directed by

Mohammed Mustafa and Batoul Arafa‬‬