It is maximum three months, just a as Nael’s father has promised. But after those three months pass, Habish discovers that he had been the victim of a conspiracy, and that all the promises he received were just to deceive him. The story involves the case of the State Security officer’s son – both disappeared from the scene after Habish is sentenced to death. This proves to be the real turning point of Habish’s life and personality. After he spent the first period of his imprisonment acting as a clown with a kind, almost idiotic, smile on his face always, he gradually turns into the most powerful and most violent man in prison. On one infamous day, all cell doors are opened, and the prisoners have gone out into the streets, and Habish finds himself free once again. He decides to take revenge on all who have wronged him at the beginning.



Mohamed Ramadan,Hala Fakher,Ahmed Fouad Selim,Ferial Youseph,Ola Ghanem,Mahmoud Gendi and Others





Directed by

Ibrahim Fakhr