We cannot understand this series without understanding the relationship between these two characters who work as a team throughout the series’ events, and live these events as attached partners who are rarely separated.

Soaydan, 13 years old, is the older brother of Olayan, 12 years old. In most cases, we find Soaydan acting as the older brother and in the same time Olayan obeys his brother. This relationship results in comic situations where Soaydan keeps scolding Olayan in most cases. In other rare cases, Olayan refuses to obey to Soaydan and acts as a rival and competitor of his brother.

Soaydan and Olayan are typical of children in large regions within the capital of Riyadh. Their lack of interest in studying, their love for playing about, their boyishness, and their lack of discipline are the most clear characteristics of these two personalities throughout these series. The story does not present them as a role models for children. However, their spirit of longing for freedom as boys who were raised in the back alleys of the rich community in Riyadh, formed them as two personalities of high story telling and comic capabilities. These two personalities have many fun stories to tell about an interesting childhood, one full of funny childish experiences.

The positive values that we miss in these rebellious personalities are found in the other main characters interacting with the two boys. Regardless, Soaydan and Olayan are inseparable from the main social pattern and they do not shift from it at all. Their respect to social customs and their respect to religious values as well as their healthy connection to the family are clear in all details and events. The two do not intend to break taboos on purpose. They often do it because of their lively curiosity and their spirit longing for experiment, interaction and adventure.

Contrary to headline characters that are presented as role models, Soaydan and Olayan present a unique pattern of heroism close to giving a lesson than being a role model, thus presenting to the viewer funny and safe scenes which are convenient for both children and adults and which project real life without any adornment or embellishment.





Comic Cartoon


15 ten-minutes episodes