The series tells the story of Farouq during a period of his life where he aims to remove prejudices, and begins with his difficult childhood living within the restrictions of his father Fouad, and his short stay in London where his father died. After his father’s death, Farouq, not yet even seventeen years old, finds himself the King of Egypt. Compelled to let go of his teenage years and his past life, he enters a palace full of conspiracies and plots driven by the policy makers at that time. King Farouq had to make important and critical decisions at a time when Egypt was at the center of major international conflicts that were ended by the end of the World War 2, the establishment of Israel, the Arab-Israeli war of 1948, and the Free Officers Movement that overthrew the throne. King Farouq had to leave Egypt when he was 33 years old.
Farouq was not just a king, but a family man; his personal life was also full of conflicts and tragedies: he fell in love and got married at a young age to Farida, a commoner girl who gave birth to three daughters. But this love dissolved into acrimony in a short time and ended in divorce. After his divorce, Farouq married Nariman, a woman that gave birth to an heir to the throne, they named him Ahmad Fouad, but soon he found himself in exile in Italy with his daughters, son, and second wife.



Taym Hassan,Wafaa Amer,Mouna Fadali



Number Of Episodes

33 Episodes


Social, Historical, Drama

Directed by

Hatem Ali

Written by

Lamise Jaber