Athar al-Hakim plays the role of lawyer Samia who lives in Shubra and tries to apply what she has learned of such principles and ethics through the cases she adopts. But she faces wars and many other problems. Samia loves her rich colleague Fouad, but his father refuses their marriage due to their social differences. After Fouad travels to France, Samia gets married traditionally. Samia becomes a manager of a company, and meets Fouad again. She requests her husband to divorce her to be able to marry Fouad, and Fouad’s daughter lives with them. Later, she discovers Fouad’s marriage with Dolly and thus the journey of revenge starts in addition to a number of other interesting stories belonging to Samia’s brother and sister.



Athar al-Hakim • Rashwan Tawfik • Mimi Gamal •Mona Abdel Ghani



Number of episodes

31 x 1 hour episodes



Directed by

Hani Ismail