The series starts with the beginning of the story that Nael writes for Lin, the imaginary character of his own mind in the novel. Viewers, however, will think that it is a real woman until the last episode of the series. Lin is photographer, who got divorced two years ago from Raja, a director, and with whom she is still in love, despite their divorce. He still loves her, and she has never been able to love anyone else. But their differences prevented the survival of their relationship, in spite of the passion that still links them together. Nael gets obsessed by Lin’s character, and his psyche has been disturbed to some extent, to the point that he believes that the interference of the author’s character in the novel is inevitable. Lin thus meets with the author, Wael (the fictional embodiment of Nael). She finds in him the security she has never felt for even a single day with Raja, and they fall in love with each other. Here the conflicts begin: Lin’s conflict between two men; Raja’s conflict between the past and the present, and Nael’s conflict between dream and reality, fact and fiction. Everything is well plotted, everything is intentional, and everything is masterly. The viewer does not see anything other than what is taking place in Nael’s imagination and between the lines of his novel. The viewers will love and sympathize with the novel’s characters, they will go through their struggles until the end of the story where they finally realize the truth, despite this having been said repeatedly since the first episode. All the series’ characters are imaginary, and created in the head of Nael and his novel. He is the one who created, loved, hated and even killed these characters when he got bored; except for his friend Omar and his psychiatrist Samar who love him and try in various ways to help him medically and get rid of this imaginary love linking him with an imaginary woman. Love Story tells a unique love story. It is a story created in the mind of its author who made himself its hero, and who fell in love with its heroine.



Nadine Al-Rasi,Sarah Abi Kanaan,Nadine Njeim,Mirahen Hussein,Shirin Abu Izz,Fadi Ibrahim,Yousef Haddad,Majid Masri,Bassel Khayyat


Pan Arab

Number of episodes




Written by

Nadine Jaber

Directed by

Philip Assmar