Abdul-Qawi is an Upper Egyptian dealer who is attracted by the act of marriage to minors. This old man buys the young girl from her poor family and obliges her to live a hard life and to surrender to his whims, in violation of her childhood and innocence.

Abdul Qawi does not take into consideration any opinion that contradicts his; including that of his elder brother, a religious scholar. He does not even consider the opinion of science expressed by the young doctor who works in the health unit. He is strong with his money and power and does not care about the psychological, emotional and physical risks that he exposes. All what he cares about is his whims and lusts.

Abdul Qawi does not even notice the state of his younger widow sister who lives with him at the same house. She got married when she was a child to an older man, just like her brother now. She became a widow at a young age. She still suffers the suppression of her female feelings and a sexual and psychological oppression. She believes that this will be the fate of the young wives of her brother.



Salah al-Saadani,Dalia Buhairi,Yasser Galal,Menna Arafa,Aya Mahmoud




30 episodes



Directed by

Majdi Abu Omaira