Revealed here is the story of a family of super heroes born through the marriage of Nowayr, a Saudi girl, and Hazaa (Aza), an alien disguised in a human form and who was the commander of the armies of Planet Nimada. However, invaders managed to capture and imprison him in a space jail for hundreds of years before Nowayr, caused his prison to fall from outer space on to Earth, more specifically, in strange and complicated circumstances, to the Thamama area on the edge of Riyadh city. When Aza managed to escape from prison and disguise himself in human form in the desert, it seems that he decided he liked life on Earth more than his space prison. He changed his name from Aza to the similar Bedouin name Hazaa. He lived with desert tribes, then after the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he moved to Riyadh where he worked for the Saudi Postal Service. Many years passed by before he met Noura, the love of his life. He asked her father for her hand; they got married. Noura lived the most beautiful of times with Hazaa. She loved him for his manhood and strength. She often felt that he was hiding a secret. As result of this marriage she gave birth to five sons, all of who had superpower characteristics. This power has a local character because these heroes get their strength and force from their living environment. After the death of their father, Hazaa, the team came together with a mission and duty to help people and to solve general and local problems whenever they received a distress call. In a comedy context that presents popular jokes in a fantasy context, the team is lead by mother Nowayr – a traditional mother, or perhaps we should simply say from mothers old school.







30 ten-minutes episodes

Directed by

Moayad Zeidan