The story exquisitely recounts the greatest cultural event to have spread from the Arabian Peninsula and then throughout the world. A moment in time that led to global change; delivered through a rare historical epoch that witnessed an incomparable event – the birth of Islam.
This series recreates life in the Holy City of Mecca during the 1st Hijri century, the 7th century of the Common Era, as well as in neighboring contemporary capitals. At that time, Mecca was the busiest hub of the Arabian Peninsula and a focus for Arab tribes heading to its Holy Mosque filled, as it then was, with idols and run by an elite from the tribe of Quraish. Injustice, suppression, and slavery were the norms of the time. Amidst this, in Mecca, Islam’s heavenly message was delivered through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and began a calling for monotheism as well as demanding equality and justice amongst people. The message inspired change in the Arabian Peninsula. At that time, the Prophet’s early companions, the Sahabah, (may Allah be pleased with them), were persecuted and were condemned to death. Nevertheless, their loyalty and persistence turned Islam into a global civilization.
‘Omar’ presents an epic tale of one of the most prominent of the Sahabah – Omar Bin Al Khattab, (may Allah be pleased with him), who was a great leader during these times of adversity, and until this day remains an icon of justice and equality.



Samer Ismail,Ghassan Massoud,Ghanem Zrelli,May Skaff,Mahmoud Khalili,Mehyar Khaddour,Jawad Alchukrgi,Kassem Melho,Bayez Abou Dan,Faysal AlAmiri




Historical religious


31 hours,And a two-part movie of 4 hours 30 minutes

Written by

D. Walid Seif

Directed by

Hattem Ali