The story opens and runs throughout the Arab desert, in a time where swords, knights and poetry were the trilogy of desert tales, carrying between its pages the rituals of love, war, madness, and death. Life brought Raoud, a noble and handsome knight, and Mozn, a beautiful poet, together in passionate love but historical hatred and hostility between the tribes they belong to separated them, until death reunited them. The story starts when Raoud falls for Saytah, a girl who enters his father’s tribe, Sheikh Dari El Ajaj, with her family (her mother Jaziah, and her father Sheikh Mouteb), fleeing from the oppression of their tribe’s Sheikh, Zanoud. Raoud is willing to marry her at any price. Raoud sees in Saytah a beautiful and smart girl, but only receives repulsion and anger from her side given that she was an outsider and he was the son of the tribe’s Sheikh. The truth is that she is passionate about him. When Raoud decides to travel and sell wool in the regular seasonal trip, Saytah tries to see him, apologize for her attitude, and starts all over again by confessing the love she has for him, but destiny determines that they never meet. On his journey, Raoud meets the son of Sheikh Meshari, sheikh of the Rashouf tribe; hatred and hostility dating from long years is the only relationship between both tribes. No one knows how and why it started, some say that the reason of this hostility is revenge between them, others say that it is because of Jeed, the beautiful woman who was able, with vanity and arrogance, to break the friendship between Rshouf and Ajaj, and others say that it is because of pastures and camels. The only certain thing is acrimony between the two tribes; during the last battle, dating from twenty years, the most important tribes gathered to settle the conflict, but efforts ended in failure. Afterwards, Sheikh Nasser was able to take a commitment from them not to attack each other, and anyone in violation of this commitment will be sentenced to death. The desert is now in peace and tranquility after decades of war and invasions. The peace and tranquility should not be disturbed by the acrimony and the between two tribes whose sheikhs were cousins.



Rim Abdallah,Yasser el-Masri,Luna Beshara,Abis Issa,JamilBarahima




31 broadcast hours‬


Bedouin Social

Directed by

Ahmad Daibes