Having survived the worst living conditions and her stepfather’s cruelty, young Shadia takes up several jobs to earn herself a decent life. But due to adverse circumstances, she agrees to marry a drug dealer, and her life goes on a downhill after that when her husband gets arrested. At the same time, Dawlat, who is a salesgirl, meets a friend that drags her into delinquency. Likewise, Shukriya’s unemployed brother forces her to marry a sexually impotent man, so she reconnects with her ex-fiancé who works as a drummer in a nightclub, and becomes a dancer. For her part, Suzy is an upper-class girl whose father loses all his money in the stock market, so she must work with her mother at her aunt’s spa. Then, she agrees to a secret, unofficial marriage and falls into a prostitution network after which her mother is arrested for being involved in prostitution. All four girls meet in a bar and decide to change their destiny.



Ghada Abdel Razeq, Rania Youssef, Madleine Taber, Inass Makki, Ola Rami


Arabic Movies

Feature Film (Egypt) 

Genre: Thriller  

Scriptwriter: Mustapha El Sobky 

Director: Ali Rajab