Alia works as a pastry chef in order to help support her two daughters Rasha and Ruby, she lives in one of the Beirut’s busy streets.

Rasha left school to help her mother, while Ruby – a beautiful girl – lives a life of selfishness and arrogance. She completed high school, and then decided to go to a private university to study interior decoration. Shirin is a close friend of Ruby. She is the only daughter of a major wealthy businessman. She has an obvious injury to her leg. She loves Ruby so much and considers her a sister who she needs a lot. Ruby has done well out of Shirin’s love to her, and accepts her’s and her father’s aid.

Shirin goes through a false love story with Tamer, a young Egyptian. She has been contacting him via the Internet for two years, and refuses to meet him out of fear that he will discover her poor health. And finally she decides, with the encouragement of Ruby, to meet him in order to decide the fate of this relationship. While waiting for Tamer at the airport, Ruby notices a handsome young man also waiting for him. He is Dr. Omar, Tamer’s friend, who fell in love with Ruby’s at first sight. She started the relationship, but suddenly broke it after she learned that he is not a rich young man, but is rather less than average, and had, just like her, continued his study through a scholarship.


Tamer lives with Shirin but feels that her father is not an easy man, especially because he asked him to live in Beirut because he cannot live even a single day away from his daughter. A significant dispute arises between them and Tamer traveled to Egypt in agreement with Omar without saying goodbye to her, and cut all contact with her. Shirin suffered a huge emotional setback, so her father asked Ruby to go to Egypt to persuade him to return. In Egypt, Ruby met Tamer whom she liked before, and together they spend some beautiful days. Tamer helps her to search for her father’s family, and she discovered she has an Egyptian sister living in Cairo. On the last night before returning to Beirut, Ruby makes love with Tamer after she has seduced him in many ways .Tamer feels guilty and remorseful and asks Ruby to stay away from him, and not to tell anyone about it. A long story of love, betrayal, remorse and thrills follows.





Cyrine Abdel Nour • Maxim Khalil • Amir Karara •Takla Chamoun • Dimond Abu Aboud • Youssef Fawzi • Biarrit Katrib • Ezzat Abu Ouf


Pan Arab

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Directed by

Rami Hanna