They are paperless… Arab nomads… living in tents and tinplate huts marginalized in a small piece of land in


Samra is a beautiful girl who transferred poverty, despair, death and struggle into beauty and a charming

dance in the street gathering people around her to be charmed by her great gipsy beauty.

Tamer arrives to the tents heading a delegation of Doctors without Borders to treat children suffering from a

lethal virus and falls in love with Samra who loves him too and everybody enters in a never-ending cycle of


Tamer, the Egyptian doctor living with his wife in Dubai, Tamer the famous doctor and son of a brilliant

professor, the husband of the English teacher, decided to give up on everything and follow Samra who made

him discover life with a different perspective.

Cultural differences, opposing customs and traditions, injustice against an entire community, a love that

might go beyond injustice and deprivation… would that love get over sadness one day and experience


Samra, a series about a community with whom life was unfair but love was fair.



Pan Arab