The story of Saraya Abdeen (The Abdeen Palace) is set in nineteenth century Egypt; it revolves around a number of interesting and overlapping events in the life of Isma’il Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt, and his large and powerful ruling family on the one hand, and the lives of dozens of servants in his palace on the other.
Khedive Isma’il, ruler of Egypt, aims to protect his throne from conspiracies, manage the growing tension between his wives, and resist the intervention of his mother and her insistence on seeing things done the way that pleases her. All events happen within this atmosphere of competition, conspiracy, and intrigue, fueled by the exposure of servants to the secrets of the ruling family and their manipulation.
The series is full of plots created by the wives, each seeking to get her son to the throne; conspiracies of mistresses seeking money and wealth; and servants mastering the art of ‘carrot and stick’. These elements continue around events that fill the halls of the palace with whispers and lies – threatening each personality of the story.
The series features many of the most prominent faces of the Arab screen; and is backed by a leading team of international experts who contributed to its creation, making of it a series quite literally beyond the drama prevailing in the Arab world.



Yousra,Kosai Khauli,Ghada Adel,Nelly Karim,Noor,Sawsan Arsheed,Salah Abdallah,AbdelHakim Katifan,Karmen Lebbos,Anoushka,Dalia Mostafa




History social(2 seasons)


Season 1: 30 hours,Season 2: 12 hours

Written by

Hiba Mashari

Directed by

Season 1: Amro Arafa,Season 2: Shady Abou El Oyon El Sood