Sylvie is a series gathering an elite of Saudi and Gulf comedy stars and highlights many urgent social cases and problems in a critical and ironic style.

The series is an attempt to return to serious social comedy that sheds light on Saudi life in particular and the Khaliji life in general. The constructive criticism highlights some defects in our communities in an environment that evenly mixes the smile and the social message.

This series addresses several social and human issues, and treats these cases in a very special way, using direct comedy in some instances and black comedy in others. Some episodes may have a dramatic dimension when required, always ensuring that the smile is preserved so that the episodes rich content continues to addresses the concerns of different generations.



Nasser Kasabi,Mohamad Al Tawyan,Abdallah Assiri,Habib El Habib,Youssed Jarah,Assaad Zahrani,Bashir Ghonaim,Rimas Masour,Haya Shoaybi






30 half-a-hour episodes

Written by

Khalaf Harbi and others

Directed by

Aws Sharki