The series addresses magic in Upper Egypt and the different closed societies. This is led through the character of Rouh, an only child, a daughter loved by her mother, while her father desperately wants a son. For this reason, her mother resorts to magic to fulfill his wish. She goes to Bakhita, an old witch living by the town’s landfills. The little girl notices her mother’s movements and follows her to the landfills. This coincided with the day of Laith al-Hafi’s burial. He was a very famous witch whose grave had not been closed. The misfortunate Rouh falls into his grave, his cremated body beside her. His soul haunts and controls Rouh. It made her a mere tool in its hands, and she cannot but obey all his orders. Rouh is brought up by her aunt Haniyeh, and her cousin Gamal falls in love with her. Her aunt notices that she has supernatural powers and has a powerful capability to anticipate. Her numerous attempts to treat her have all been in vain. ‭‬‬‬ After she grew up, she decides to return to her father’s house. After the death of Rouh’s mother he married two women, neither of whom who have brought him a son. Many conflicts take place between her and her sisters and her father’s wives. The father is envious of the land that she inherited from her mother, but she refuses to surrender it. He beats her cruelly and almost burns her. Her superpowers allow her to seek revenge. She burns his house, his money, his possessions and his baby boy recently borne to one of his wives. Having lost everything, Mansour goes missing, while Rouh flees and goes to Adly Abu Basha’s villa to work there as a maid. None of her family know this. She falls in love with Hossam, Adly’s son, who has fallen for her. She decides to work at his house as a maid to win his family’s love and confidence. it would appear that she succeeds; however, in fact, there is an old feud between Adly Abu Basha’s family and Leith al-Hafi. Adly stole from him while they were working together in the monuments trade. He also participated in killing his family with the help of his partner and relative Khalil Eltahawy. When Laith decided to take his revenge, he resorted to a magic so powerful that he could not handle and got burnt and died without taking revenge on them. Rouh started to demolish Adly’s family one by one until she reached and eliminated him, taking advantage of Khalil in whom she had awakened his greediness and he had became as just a puppet in her hands, and who she ultimately eliminated also, together with his daughter. She still loves Hossam, however. She cries bitterly, aware that she is not evil in nature. After Hossam discovers what Rouh suffers from, he jointly cooperates with Gamal who is well educated, and decides stay beside her to let her get rid of her suffering. At that time, Bakhita is on the verge of her death, and she is afraid to meet God with all her sins, so she decides to cooperate with them and help Rouh. through love, Hossam succeeds in attracting Rouh to him gradually. With science and with the help of Bakhita’s experiences in magic, Gamal succeeds in attracting Rouh to reality and getting away from this world of many mixed paths.



Horeya Farghaly,Yasser Jalal,Salah Abdullah,Sawsan Badr,Ahmed Fouad Selim,Maha Obu Ouf



Number Of Episodes

60 Episodes


Social, Drama

Directed by

Akram Farid

Written by

Khalid al Hajar