The main premise of this series revolves around a middle-class family from the Gulf, and the daily circumstances this family faces and which affect it in one way or another. Through this family, we can see the simple Gulf household with all its qualities and characteristics that represent many different and beautiful traditions, customs and ideas.

The series addresses several issues that concern the Khaliji viewer, and asks some questions about some daily problems that face the individual in particular, and the family in general. These series also treat the problems fairly, without suggesting solutions or make judgments, and in a light, favorable and comic form which is close to the daily life and far from exaggeration and intimidation. Each episode addresses a cause and a theme taking into consideration the chronological order of events.



Hoda Al Khatib,Ibrahim Al Harbi,Shojoon,Fatima Al Safi,Shaimaa Ali,Mohamad Jaber,Ali Jomaa,Maha Adwani,Hussein Al Mansour,Amal Abdul Karim,Hussein Mahdi,Fahd Bassem






30 half-an-hour episodes

Directed by

Jomaa Rowayhi