Five weddings are being prepared… they are five marriages being prepared in different ways and places with special rituals… The fifth was not intended and took place just by chance. The first couple are Joe (Majid Masri) and Jasmine (Merva Judge) in Beirut, where the world of fame and stardom awaiting Sima – who has long dreamed of this glamorous world and would achieve her dream through her marriage to Joe – who will discover her talent and the open the doors of her glory. Joe was introduced to Sima at a fashion show where she was working as a model. He also discovered the artistic talent of her beautiful voice in addition to her enrapturing looks. Thus, he decided to make her a star. Out of the second couple, the third couple emerges. Lamar (Joey Khoury) is preparing for her marriage with Jihad (Ammar Chalak), but she suffers deep inside her heart and can’t hide it. Lamar has separated from her boyfriend Iyad (Tony Issa) after a long love story that lasted for eight years because of her parent’s rejection due to Iyad’s financial conditions, and to many other outstanding problems between them. Iyad and Lamar could not decide to escape with each other. Their courage was not enough to enable them do so. They tried it repeatedly, but never managed to do it. Therefore, Lamar chose to withdraw. However, Iyad’s love to her was stronger than blood and revenge. Revenge has been renewed here again, not between their families, but between Iyad and Lamar – he got engaged to Jihad’s sister, Rana (Aya Tiba) in retaliation for Lamar. He was accepted and he got married the same day. The fourth couple is Tim (Basem Yakhour) and Maya (Dima Kandalaft) from Syria, where Tim is preparing for the marriage of his cousin Sawsan. It is a traditional marriage imposed by the family and by the age of Tim where it has become imperative for him to marry. In fulfillment of the wishes of his family, he got engaged to his cousin who he hasn’t ever loved. He does not like her typical way of thinking. He is passionate about living freely, while all her dreams are limited to marriage and having children. His dreams exceed life. He likes to travel, loves to live madly and loves adventures. He was never like her, and she was never like him. A few days before the wedding, he met Maya by accident… he loved her at the first sight and she also loved him. They are a crazy couple in every sense of the word. They decided to get married in half an hour… and challenged everyone. He kidnapped her and flew to Beirut.



Majid Masri,Ahmed Zaher,Bassem Yakhour,Dima Kandalaft,Joey Khoury ,Ammar Chalak,Hadi Sabbagh,Safaa Sultan,Jana Asper,Merva Qadi,Aya Tiba,Marwa Abdel Moneim


Pan Arab

Number of episodes




Written by

Noor Shishakli

Directed by

Rasha Sharbatji