The Avenger is a story of the idea of betrayal and revenge through the series hero Omar Zaini whose freedom, future, wife and his son have been all stolen at the hands of his best friend Asim Haroon Tahan. After his involvement in an arms trafficking case in an African country and being sentenced to immediate death, Omar escaped from prison in a dramatic way and returned with money and power in preparation for the start of his revenge. This coincided with the outbreak of injustice and corruption in Egypt.

It’s a journey of revenge where Omar Zeny seeks to recover his past and everything stolen from him; his father, wife, and son through implementing well plotted retaliatory plans, ending with the killing and imprisonment of the treacherous. Omar gets back his wife and son in a new attempt to resume life



Amr Youssef,Horeya farghaly,Ahmed Saadani,Inas Kamel,Ammar Chalak,Walid al-Fawwaz,Shams,Mona Hussein,Sameh Abaiti



Number of episodes




Directed by

Ali Garhi,Ali Mohiuddin

Directorial vision and technical supervision

Hatem Ali