Without warning, the life of Sami Karzai, a successful businessman, turns upside down following his discovery of the mystery of the death of his parents, and the size of the conspiracy hatched against them by a gang of dangerous businessmen known as The Cactus Alliance. With the help of Khaled Ben Fajr, a prominent businessman linked to Sami’s past and his secret, and with Katia Ozdemir blazing a trail into the private world of Sami (where her charming and mysterious character possesses the heart of Sami), a well thought out plot has been developed to get rid of such gangs and seize the criminals. These successive accelerated events drive Sami Karzai to the heart of Dubai’s seductive and wealthy society. Accordingly, he discovers that in order to achieve his objectives, he has to abandon the principles he has long been insisting upon.



Sherif Salama,Nisreen Tafesh,Ibrahim al-Harbiand a group of Arab drama stars...


Pan Arab


15 broadcast hours


Drama Thriller


Written by

Raed Bou Ajram

Directed by

Jose Maria Caro