The series The Covenant belongs to mythology; it addresses the issue of the human struggle for power and the willingness of some people to abandon and violate sanctities in order to reach power. This is portrayed through a family conflict in a village within a mix of ancient mythology and fantasy stories.

This series of events are taking place in a world of horror, mystery and excitement, in an ill-defined village that does not belong to a particular time. It appears to be a cursed village, where children are killed and buried alive. The events open with a person infected with scabies wearing burlap clothes, and suddenly a variety of different characters appear in the course of events



Aser Yassin,Ghada Adel,Kinda Alloush,Hana Shiha,Arwa Gouda,Shirin Reza,Salwa Khatab,Saba Mubarak,Yasser Masri




30 episodes‬‬



Written by

Mohammed Amin Radi‬‬

Directed by

Khaled Marei‬‬