Saleh Abou Jaziya, known as Saleh the Drummer, is a man in his thirties, and a smuggler of everything that could generate him money, except for drugs and weapons. He uses his job as a drummer in a band as a cover for his smuggling activities.

Saleh suffered from his uncle’s tyranny, a trader that prevented him and his brother from gaining their father’s inheritance, but Saleh preferred not to provoke any trouble with his uncle, being keen to support the unity of the family, especially that his cousin Hoda represents a big part of his life, being his childhood friend, and the wife of his best friend, Chetta.

Despite his cruelty and his dangerous work, Saleh hides a good heart and funny personality whose weakness is his sick brother, Rida, who has a great love for his brother but is always concerned about his safety regarding the smuggling activities which led Saleh to prison. In prison, Saleh is introduced to a prisoner, Faraj, working with terrorist organizations. Faraj asks Saleh to kidnap the daughter of a judge working on a big case against the organization, in exchange for his freedom. Indeed, the skilled lawyer appointed by Faraj succeeds in freeing Saleh.

Before the kidnapping, Saleh should smuggle his friend Chetta from the prison he was sent to in a neighboring country as a result of smuggling. After a series of events, Chetta is killed by the terrorist organization for which Saleh is working. The organization aims to execute a big act of terrorism in Egypt, and bomb the new Suez Canal; an event that will shake the country’s reputation all around the world.

‘Tsunami’ is the name given by the organization to the operation that will put Saleh in conflict with himself. Will Saleh accept to destroy his country’s reputation and enable terrorists to take it over? Or will he help the law and justice to abort the operation even would risk his life?



Amir Karrara , Haitham Ahmad Zaki , Simon , Rogina , Ahmad Saleh Hosni , Ahmad Sayam ,Amal Rizk



Number Of Episodes

30 Episodes


Social, Drama

Directed by

Ahmed Khalid Amen

Written by

Hisham Hilal