This is the second part of the 2007 film Al Jazeera. In the aftermath of the January 25 revolution and the raids on prisons that took place at the time, death penalty convict Mansour Al Hafni (Ahmad Al Sakka) escapes from prison and reunites with his brother Fadl and son Ali. Together, they go back to the island to recover what they had lost. To this end, Mansour should face his ex-girlfriend Karima (Hind Sabri) who is now in charge of her family. But they are both aware that the game rules have changed, especially now that the leader of a group of Bedouin Sheikh Jaafar (Khaled Saleh) comes on the scene.



Ahmad Al Saqqa, Hind Sabri, Khaled Saleh, Khaled Al Sawi


Arabic Movies

Feature Film (Egypt)

Genre: Action Drama

Scriptwriter: Mohamad Diab, Khaled Diab, Shirine Diab

Director: Sherif Arafa