Nasser El-Dasouki, lives in the popular neighborhood of Sabtiyeh, where the streets are teeming with Egyptians faces of all stripes. He graduated from the Faculty of Law ahead of peers, but not only did his brother’s involvement in the manufacturing of arms destroy Nasser’s dream to join the Attorney General, but it also pushed the aristocratic family of his lover to reject him. For these reasons, he has to work as a legal consultant in some restaurants, but the increasing problems of his brother push him to despise living with his family. He decides to leave the country and travel to Libya; before his arrival, his mother gets sick, so he goes back to Egypt and to get married to his neighbor; a marriage with love only on one side. He finally surrenders to fate when his brother dies the night after his marriage. Nasser comes back from his honeymoon before even taking a new breath to start a new life, gathers his family (mother/sister/his brother’s wife and children), and goes to his brother’s job – which he barely knows – and gets caught with his uncles inside a weapons manufacturing workshop, and despite the lack of evidence they are all condemned to fifteen years of prison.

The women of the family, his mother, sister, brother’s wife and children, all become the scapegoats of society.



Mohammed Ramadan , Ferdos Abdel Hamid , Reugina , Nisrine Amin , Yasmine Sabri , Omar Hassan , May Omar , Mahmoud Hafez , Aida Riyadh , Hadi Jayar , Rajaa Jadawi , Reem Mostafa , Mehsen Mansour



Number Of Episodes

30 Episodes



Directed by

Mohammed Sami

Written by

Mohammed Abed El Mooti