The Million Man is the story of Hussein, a Kuwaiti businessman in his late fifties, who is afraid of losing his wealth overnight due to a sudden economic crisis. Hussein looks for solutions to avoid these risks, and the only solution is to seek the help of Nasser, his brother from his Saudi stepmother. Nasser is a veterinary surgeon in his early fifties, living in Dubai and suffers from constant failure and bad luck.

Hussein transfers his funds to Nasser when Nasser agrees to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with to Hussein. However, after a few days, Nasser has a car accident after which he pretends that he has lost his memory. Hussein goes crazy, and he soon discovers that Nasser was lying.

When Nasser’s health gets better, he advises Hussein not to deposit his funds in a bank, which might go bankrupt at any time, and to invest in trade instead in order to increase these funds. Hussein agrees with Nasser, and their first project was to buy camels and cattle. Bad luck befell them, and the camels escaped into the desert. Hussein and Nasser go after their camels in order to bring them back. Afterwards, Hussein receives much varied advice, and he enters in strange projects.

Throughout its thirty episodes, this series follows the adventures of Hussein and Nasser in several countries in order to increase their dirham-wealth, and delivers an exciting and delightful journey full of comedy.



Nasser Kasabi,Abdel Hussein Abdel Reda,Hassan Ballam





Directed by

Mohamad Daham