A thrilling police drama about businessman Sherif (Ahmad Ezz) who takes his wife Sarah (Ruby) to a shopping mall and waits for her outside. Sarah takes too long inside, so he anxiously hurries in and looks for her, but she is nowhere to be found. A police officer (Mohammad Rajab) starts the investigation and finds out that the couple attended a party at their friend’s villa (Joumana Mrad) the previous evening. He interrogates the guests, but each one tells a different story about what happened during the party, so he suspects everyone. At the same time, the kidnappers call Sherif and demand a ransom.



Ahmad Ezz, Mohamad Rajab, Ruby, Joumana Mrad, Tamer Hagras, Dina Al Sharbini, Maha Abou Ouf


Arabic Movies

Feature Film (Egypt)

Genre: Crime, thriller

Scriptwriter: Wael Abdallah

Director: Ahmad El Dib