A story of a great love that defeats death. It all started when the tribe of Sheikh Fadel, father of the beautiful Shayma, settles next to the tribe of Sheikh Arraf, father of the young Wafi. Wafi and Shayma fell in love at first sight, a feeling that would be blessed with marriage; but Sheikha Safiya, mother of Wafi, had a vision that this relationship will only lead to death and sorrow, she had repeated visions about a red tear which means an end with grief. Afraid of these visions, Safiya always interfered in Wafi’s relations with other women, but we see her seeking to settle the marriage between Wafi and Shayma at any price.

In the tribe of Sheikh Fadel, the proposal was appreciated, but the only problem was that Khatab, the cousin of Shayma, wanted her for himself. At that time, if a man was refused by a woman for several times, she had no right to marry another man, a tradition followed by all tribes. Sheikh Fadel and Arraf found themselves unable to help the two lovers; Arraf tried to lure the cousin with money to give up on Shayma, but it was all in vain. With time, Shayma got sick, to her it was either death or life with Wafi.

In the end of this dramatic love story, Wafi sees Shayma for the last time; she came to him, fighting sickness and pain, Wafi tried to bring her back to life, to make her hold on to life, but she died in his arms. When the cousins knew that Shayma went to see Wafi, they went after her, and found Wafi holding her body close and crying after her death. Khatab shoots Wafi who in return shoots Jafi and Mazaal, the brothers of Khatab, and kills them. Sheikh Arraf and Fadel hurried to save Wafi, but Wafi refused to live without Shayma, and preferred to die in the arms of both Sheikhs. Khattab, filled with anger seeing both Sheikhs crying over the lovers’ bodies, kills them. Nevertheless, the youngest brother of Shayma, Faraj, didn’t allow Khattab celebrate the massacre he committed, and took revenge for all those who died by killing him. This is how the story of the Red Tear ends, when all members of the two tribes shed a tear of sorrow and revenge for the lovers.




Number of episodes

30 x 1 hour episodes


Bedouin, Social drama

Directed by

O3 Productions


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